European Commission, DG Energy, Energy Efficiency unit, Buildings and Finance team; Policy Officer in charge of Horizon 2020 funding for Energy Efficiency (Societal Challenge 3 – Energy Efficiency part)


Margot holds a Masters in Economics in Poland (Wroclaw) and Masters in European and International Business Law in France (Orleans). She has 7 years of experience in the private sector in France- Key Accounts Manager in charge of industrial clients in the field of energy management systems for buildings, smart home systems, automation, heating and cooling regulation and control.

Margot now has 4 years of experience at the Commission. As Policy Officer in DG Energy – unit C3 – Energy Efficiency, Margot is responsible for defining the funding priorities of the Energy Efficiency part of the Societal Challenge 3 under the Research & Innovation (R&I) programme Horizon 2020. In this capacity she’s in charge of the Work Programmes scoping and drafting process as well as providing feedback from funded projects to policy.  

Margot’s keynote speech at Sustainable Places 2017 (SP2017)

At SP2017 Margot will deliver a speech at the closing ceremony (afternoon of 29th June) surrounding the European (EU) Energy Efficiency (EE) policy- the recent developments such as the Winter package and specifically the update to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and how it is to be supported by R&I funding under H2020. The tentative title is: “EU EE policy vision for the next decade and technology & market development and innovation needed to make it happen”To see the full list of planned keynote speakers for SP2017, please click HERE, or to get in contact with Margot please contact us.