The opening ceremony of SP2016 included welcoming remarks from:

Jac Tortos, CEO, Nobatek / Claude Olive, Mayor of Anglet, FR / Christian LaBorderie, UPPA

and keynote addresses delivered by:

Germain Adell, the Research Director of Nobatek – Germain Adell is the Head of EU funded R&D Programmes and Innovation at NO-BATEK-INEF4, a French RTO specialised in sustaina-ble construction, architecture and urban planning. In re-cent years under his lead, NOBATEK has consistently gained momentum as innovative research performer and open innovation forerunner in the construction sec-tor in France and in the European Energy efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnership.He is technical and innovation advisor on several regional, national and international collaborative initiatives and coordinates BUILT2SPEC and INNOQUA Horizon 2020 projects. He has recently been elected Member of the Steering Committee of the European Construction Tech-nology Platform (ECTP). Please click the  INTERACTIVE SP2016 PRESENTATION  or see the slides here of Germain’s keynote speech.: Germain's SP'16 keynote slides

Etienne Wurtz, the Scientific Director of CEA INES France – Prof. Etienne Wurtz is Scientific Director at CEA INES and the leader of the Build-ing Energy research program at CEA Tech, the 4500-staff department for Technology Research in CEA, a leading Re-search and Technology Organisation in Europe. Etienne began his career as lec-turer at the university of La Rochelle, with a research focus on building energy simu-lation tools. He then moved to CNRS (French National research centre) where he became research director and the leader of a department about Near Zero-Energy Buildings, before joining CEA. Etienne has a passion for and an exten-sive research record in passive solar technologies, innovative industrial con-struction products, thermal inertia innova-tive strategies, storage systems and, inte-grated building concept. Etienne’s INTERACTIVE SP2016 PRESENTATION is an overview of the FULL PDF VERSION of his keynote speech: Etienne Wurtz's SP'16 keynote slides

Nashwan Dawood, Dir. Technology Futures Institute, Teesside University – Nashwan Dawood is currently the Director of Technology Futures Institute with the responsibility of strategically developing and promoting research and enterprise at the School of Science Engineering. Nashwan has more than 200 papers publications and has generated more than 6 million UK pounds to funding. Nashwan’s research topics research include engineering sustainability, Building Information Modeling, Information Technologies and Systems (4D,VR,Integrated databases), planning and management of off-site production, risk management, intelligent decision support systems, cost forecasting and control and business processes. Nashwan’s keynote is summarized in this INTERACTIVE SP2016 PRESENTATION.

Michael Steifman, CEO, Utilisave – In 1992, Michael Steifman founded UtiliSave seeking to educate clients on their energy use, uncover billing errors, and develop trustworthy relationships to identify cost sav-ing opportunities. In the 25 years since, Uti-liSave has grown to an industry leader, driv-en towards assisting clients who seek to rec-tify utility billing issues, recover and optimize their utility costs. With a staff of experienced professionals, Michael has developed propri-etary technology used to capture, parse, scrub, and analyze massive amounts of utili-ty billing data into meaningful information, imperative for a successful audit. Collecting, making meaningful use of, measuring, and monitoring this data has allowed Michael and his team to further expand UtiliSave’s business into a wide range of products and services related to energy efficiency, pro-curement, benchmarking, and consumption optimization. Michael’s INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION is an overview of the FULL PDF VERSION of his keynote speech: Michael Steifman's SP'16 keynote slides

Marijn DeKoning, USEF – Marijn de Koning works as a Product De-veloper for Powerhouse, an RWE-Essent subsidiary. The Powerhouse platform ena-bles businesses to valorize their flexibility in supply and demand by providing access to the energy markets. Previously he has held a variety of functions within Essent, the Dutch supplier that has been playing a leading role in the exploration of effective aggregation roles. With a thorough tech-nical understanding as well as experience in both the regulatory and commercial do-main, Marijn has also become a renowned member of the USEF design team, repre-senting USEF foundation at key industrial events and task forces. This was the role Marijn played at SP’16, shining light on the relationships between smart grids & EeB. Marijn’s INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION is an overview of the FULL PDF VERSION of his keynote speech: Marijn DeKoning's SP'16 keynote slides

Andrea Moro, iiSBE ITALIA – Andrea Moro is an architect and researcher in the field of sustainable building at national and internation-al level since 1996. He’s the scientific referent of ITACA (Federal Association of Italian Regions) for the development and management of the national assess-ment system Protocollo ITACA (UNI PdR13). He’s Past president (2007-2011) of the no prof-it organization iiSBE (international initiative for a Sus-tainable Built Environment) and since 2005 he’s the President of the national Chapter iiSBE Italia. He car-ries out research activities for public organizations (regions and cities) in the field of sustainabil-ity assessment of buildings and neighborhoods. He’s Vice-President of the CESBA international association (Common European Sustainable Built Environment As-sessment).Andrea ‘s INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION is an overview of the FULL PDF VERSION of his keynote speech: Andrea Moro's SP'16 keynote slides

Olivier Cottet, Schneider Electric – Olivier Cottet is the marketing manager for the market of the building at Schneider France, Olivier Cottet, 45 years old, has been appointed president of the Europtibat association. Former student of the Institute of electricians from Grenoble, Olivier Cottet has comencé career in the sector of automa-tion of the building within the Merlin-Gerin company in 1981. In 1995, he joined the strategic Division France of the Schneider group marketing department, supports offer low voltage, before being appointed in 1998, marketing manager of the building for Schneider France market. Appointed presi-dent of the association for three years, Olivi-er Cottet wish “strengthen the dynamic fort current Association by expanding its audi-ence in the professional circles and by pro-moting the development of the service offer-ings of exploitation maintenance around its product repository. Olivier’s INTERACTIVE SP2016 PRESENTATION is an overview of the FULL PDF VERSION of his keynote speech: Olivier Cottet's SP'16 Keynote Slides