SP2016 keynote: Germain Adell, Nobatek

Anglet, France

From ideas to the construction market: Open innovation and collaborative working tapping National and European funding at NOBATEK

NOBATEK: A private non profit technology centre

>Headquarters in Anglet (Basque Country)
> 30 people
>Office in Bordeaux University Campus
> 20 people

A meeting between: 

– Tecnalia, a major European Foundation for Applied research based in Euskadi
– Economic players in Aquitaine, Training centers (Cantau High School, School of Engineers of UPPA ISA BTP); Firms (From building and public works federations); All institutions desirous of Developing in France an actor in the world of technology transfer HAVING from the outset a European dimension and Adopting an economic model and a method of Action qui Widely has-been proven in Both Spain and Europe. North.
– Communities (Regional Council of Aquitaine, CABA, CG64, Anglet City, State through ADEME, D2RT …) confident in the development of new economic models in the field of sustainable development

NOBATEK: 3 Departments and typical clients

Innovation for Sustainable Architecture & Urban Planning

Sustainable Building Technologies

BUILDING OWNERS & MANAGERS – Energy & Environmental Efficiency

NOBATEK is a private technology center. Our activities ranks from Applied research to innovative services in the field of sustainable development and construction.  NOBATEK’s multidisciplinary team works with building and public works companies, materials producers, industrialized, public or private contractors, developers, architects, consulting firms and local authorites. The center’s task is to Ensure the transfer of innovative tools, methods, processes and products That are concrete applications of research, in order to contributor to energy performance and environmental quality in the sector. Sustainable construction. 

INEF4: Co-Founded by NOBATEK

INEF4 is the national institute of excellence in research and innovation in the sustainable construction and rehabilitation sector. It is an interdisciplinary platform in the field of decarbon energies, bringing together, through open innovation, public and private research organizations and companies for the development of value-added projects.

INEF4 wants to be an indispensable tool available to companies and more broadly the players in the building industry. Its objective is to help them to take the necessary step to compete in the market, to develop new offers in line with the logic of energy transition. The programming of INEF4 was initiated on the basis of 3 major programs, themselves inscribed in 6 axes carrying technologies and key applications in the coming years:

Program 1 – DESIGN … Tools and Methods “multi-criteria”
Program 2 – ACHIEVE … Architecture & construction solutions
Program 3 – OPERATING … Building & interfaces Man / System

To carry out these programs, INEF4 draws on an established approach between two types of complementary projects:

Pre-competitive upstream projects , risk projects that meet the low-changing market signals and potential carriers of disruptive technologies; These projects are carried out in collaborations between technological centers, university laboratories and companies. These projects are dealt with by the INEF4 Scientific and Technological Council.
Pre-competitive projects downstream directly to the placing on the market of technologies or solutions TTM (Time-To-Market), co-developed with companies. These projects are treated under an agreement of confidentiality and instructed by the Management Board of INEF4.

Dedicated to rehabilitation and sustainable construction, this call for projects aims to support ambitious projects, considered to be the most strategic for the sector. It targets collaborative industrial research and experimental development based on the technological areas of INEF4 . Projects submitted should contribute to the acceleration and deployment of innovative equipment, methods and products with potential for rapid application to industry, architecture, construction and building transformation.