SP2016 keynote: Nashwan Dawood, Teesside University

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Nashwan’s Bio

Professor Nashwan Dawood is a specialist in project construction management and the application of  IT in the construction process.  This has ranged across a number of research topics including BIM technologies and processes, sustainability, Information Technologies and Systems (5D,VR,Integrated databases), the planning and management of off-site production, risk management, intelligent decision support systems, cost forecasting and control and business processes.

Professor Dawood is currently Director of the Centre for Construction Research & Innovation (CCIR) and Professor of Construction Management and IT at the University of Teesside, UK. He is also Director of the Technology Futures Institute, through which the  engineering and technology research is structured and supported. This role includes responsibility for developing and promoting research polices throughout the institution. He has extensive experience of leading internationally recognised research work in BIM technology and processes and  in the application of 5D modeling in construction processes, and has successfully generated peer reviewed funded projects from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Technology Strategy Board, and EU / Framework Programme. 

Nashwan’s Bio (cont’d)

Professor Dawood also has significant and long-standing experience of working with major industrial partners in the UK and internationally to develop and apply research results as part of further collaborative projects. In particular he is currently running international research and development projects in South Korea, Japan, Qatar, Europe and USA in the areas of 5D modeling, serious game engine technology application to training and ICT (Information and Communication technologies) for energy efficient buildings . He is also regularly invited to be a key note presenter in a international events. Professor Dawood has published over 180 research papers, and sits on the editorial board of a number of journals and conferences.  His work has been recognized outside of the academic sphere, for example with its short-listing for the Constructing Excellence Innovation Award.

Professor Dawood is a visiting fellow/Professor at a number of international universities and institutes. This includes; Central University of Taiwan, AIT- Thailand, University of Florida-USA, International Islamic University Malaysia, Gyeongsang National University, Korea and Miyagi university , Japan and Osaka University, Japan. Professor Dawood originated the CONVR conference series (Construction Applications of Virtual Reality: Current Initiatives and Future Challenges). The mission of this is to bring together national and international researchers and practitioners from all areas of the construction industry and promote efficient exchange of ideas and develop mutual understanding of needs and potential applications of VR modeling. The conference series has been running for 10 years.

The director of Teesside University’s Technology Futures research institute admits he can’t pass a construction site without donning one of his vast collection of hard hats and popping in for a chat. For Professor Dawood is a world leading authority on construction research and innovation and he is always looking for new ways to improve how things work on building sites.

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An Interview with Professor Dawood

I’m always looking how to push through change from a research point of view. Improving the product and the process and the well-being of the people working on the project 

safety improvements

‘Things can be improved in terms of safety, and how things are done. Myself and my team work on visualisation of the construction processes so planners and builders can rehearse the different phases of a project.’

The software tool developed for this means builders can suss out any problems before they even get on site. It has been used to rehearse the build on several major new building projects including a new bridge over a London Underground line and a new gas rig at Hull.

international recognition

Thanks to the work that has been done Professor Dawood and his team are renowned internationally and now collaborate with teams all over the world including in Korea, Japan, the Middle East and Europe. ‘It’s very exciting – one of the problems there has always been in construction is the element of having to ‘suck it and see’, he explains. ‘You start to do the work and then suddenly there are a lot of problems. Now we can simulate the processes in advance on a computer screen in 3D, work out how things are going to be done and communicate this with the supply chain.’

Professor Dawood estimates this can save around 5-7% off projects and help contractors ensure they deliver to deadline. ‘You can virtually iron out problems before they happen. It increases the confidence of clients and therefore increases investment – in the UK there is £100bn worth of work in construction – 20% of the GDP.

‘We have modelled a number of buildings here at Teesside University including the Centuria Building for the School of Health & Social Care. Recently we have worked on a hotel London City Inn and two new school buildings in Newcastle and modelled part of Middlehaven in Middlesbrough.’ Professor Dawood has been at Teesside for almost 20 years. Originally from Iraq, he and his wife Huda, a mathematician, live in Middlesbrough. His two children, Hannah, 16, and Matthew, eight, were born here. ‘Hannah wants to go into engineering and Matthew likes making things,’ Nash smiles. After studying civil engineering at Nottingham University, completing his PhD at Loughborough University, Professor Dawood worked in industry as system analyst for a company producing pre-cast components for construction.

moving to Middlesbrough

Before he came to the UK, he worked in the Middle East in construction planning. He moved to Middlesbrough in 1991 to take up a position as a senior lecturer and, moving up to be a Reader in 1999 – an appointment for a senior academic with a distinguished international reputation.
Now as Director of one of Teesside’s five research institutes, Professor Dawood admits he is loyal to the University and to Middlesbrough. ‘I am very comfortable with this area and the great people I work with,’ he says.

‘The University and the town have both changed a lot and I am proud to be part of this. It’s a good feeling to have graduated so many students over the years and supported so many postgraduates.
‘The projects I work in with industry means I play a part in supporting the region’s economy so I feel part of the transformation of the region. Like any region in the UK there are problems and still lots to be done so there are challenges. 

Nash on innovation

I have a passion for innovation and finding things out. Construction is a very exciting profession.’
And Professor Dawood has won another accolade for Teesside for his Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with F+G (formerly Faithful + Gould) rehearsing different phases of a major construction project. He has been awarded a Grade A Outstanding.