“Energy performance simulation of districts applied to typical districts”

(Peter Riederer, CSTB, on behalf of the EFFICACITY project)

“Energy performance simulation (EFFICACITY)”

An energy performancesimulation tool for districts (PowerDis ) is being developed by the frenchresearch institute Efficacity. Efficacity is a research institute integrating alarge num-ber of industrial, private and public partners. The tool allows the simulationof districts with the objective of optimizing the global energy concept on adistrict level considering available energy resources (renewable or rejectedenergy sources) on a central or decentral level.

While the tool can be applied to a specific district (existing or new) in orderto optimize the energy concept using KPI’s (based on energy, economic andenvironmental criteria) it can also be used to calculate and illustrateappropriated solutions for typical districts. This will allow to developgeneric guidelines for district planners. Therefore, an approach is present-edallowing to classify the French territory to 10 districts and then to determinea typical dis-trict representing each class. The approach is based on dataanalysis of national data bases (INSEE data bases,BD TOPO, …). Simulations onone of these typical districts using the PowerDis tool are presented in orderto illustrate the approach.

Mohamed Said, Patricia Bonneau, Romain Bonabe de Rougé, Patrick Schalbart, Arnold Kamsing, Jean Luc Hubert, Dan Dimeca, Peter Riederer, EFFICACITY