Easy Smart Grid

“Smart Micro Grids and Cellular Grids”

(Thomas Walter, Easy Smart Grid)

“Smart Micro Grids and Cellular Grids” (Thomas Walter, Easy Smart Grid)

Most existing Smart Grid approaches are based on the current energy system that has evolved over more than 100 years. As a result, they create specifications on ICT that are unlikely to be achievable (cost, latency, cyber security, data protection, man-ageability, availability). With a greenfield/systems approach which instead is based on the requirements of a future renewable driven energy system and the knowledge of available technologies, alternative solutions emerge that offer an alternative path to system transformation.

The energy system was designed for large central fossil generation stations. Digitizing an old system does not make it more suitable for decentralized renewable generation. There-fore, in response to the needs of a future 100% renewables driven system where produc-tion from sun and wind varies temporally and spatially, the concepts of real time markets and cellular grids are introduced. Existing approaches are combined to propose a novel grid topology, and Easy Smart Grid is introduced as a candidate to manage energy in mi-cro grids. Early application areas and the benefits for isolated micro grids (island grids) are introduced.

Thomas Walter, Easy Smart Grid, Germany Thomas Walter earned a diploma in electrical engineering from the University of Karlsruhe (now KIT) in 1982, with a year specializing in telecoms at the University of Essex. He earned a PhD at RWTH Aachen on sensor/automation in 1989. Since 1983, he worked in innovation management roles (technology, product management, strategy, finance) in various international companies and in different sectors. He was involved in and observed digitization in industries such as audio, multimedia, tele-coms, banking, automotive and energy. In 2014 he founded Easy Smart Grid to de-velop an effective solution to integrate renewables. Already in 2014 Easy Smart Grid was selected as a top 3 smart energy start-up in the European EIT Digital competi-tion, and now is active in various projects to develop and promote practical solutions for the electricity sector.