New BIM applications

“New application of BIM and factors determining business model for the innovative IT tool” (HISER, BERTIM)”

The presentation will focus on one hand on newapplication of innovative Building Infor-mation Models (BIM) and on the otheron business models which guarantee a successful implementation of the new IT tools. Both projects go beyond the state of the art. The cen-tre of gravity of HISER overlays innovation and demonstration activities aiming to bridge currentobstacles to higher levels of recovery of raw materials from complexEnd-of-Life buildings and derived C&DW, covering the existing gaps withinthe whole supply chain, while BERTIM wants to contribute to increased energyefficient building renovation rates in Europe by means of developing energyefficient and cost-effective products for the wood industry. The presentationwill show how to build commercialization strategies for the new types of BIMsolutions aimed at improvement of building energy efficiency and better reuseof raw materials from construction and demolition waste. As the innovative characterof the HISER and BERTIM projects implies special requirements for businessstrategies linked to the BIM technologies, the main aim of this speech is toidentify those technical elements of the aforementioned projects which have acrucial impact on the business mod-els assumptions. The presentation will alsoinclude a description of links between the identified technical elements andthe main areas of business model.

“Over the past decades, there has been a growing interest of the construction sector in using Building Information Models (BIM) as a consequence of potential benefits and re-source savings. BIM adoption is growing fast and is becoming mandatory or at least rec-ommended in several countries, especially when dealing with public procurement . The vast majority of scientific knowledge focuses on the the construction process (programming and design). However, current research shows that a new, innovative types of BIM can be used in many other daily works in sustainable construction sector. Demolition/deconstruction planning in the context of BIM is one of the novel area of re-search and development. Improvement in de-cision making methods and tools about dem-olition and management of subseguent waste materials arising from residential and non-residential stocks is needed. It is one of the aim of HISER project (Holistic Innovative So-lutions for an Efficient Recycling and Recov-ery of Valuable Raw Materials from Complex Construction and Demolition Waste). A new Building Information Modeling based tool (so called as Smart BIM-SD tool) will be de-signed and developed. That specific BIM for selective demolitions/renovations of existing buildings will help European demolition com-panies to quickly identify and quantify poten-tial new raw materials through the smart pro-cessing of data. The BIM based tool will pro-vide users with harmonized inventories and supply chain tracking information with the purpose of identifying the most feasible and secure recovery options for the subsequent Construction and Demolition Waste (C&DW) materials. BIM can be also widely used in energy effi-cient deep renovation process which will be proved in BERTIM project (Building Energy Renovation Through Timber Prefabricated Modules). BERTIM will develop a prefabricat-ed solution which will provide the opportunity to renovate improving energy performance, air quality, aesthetics, comfort, and property value at the same time, while ensuring low intrusiveness during renovation works. Addi-tionally, the manufacturing of the solution will be included in a holistic methodology for the renovation project process, from data collect-ing to installation. The systemic methodology will be based in a digital data flow in BIM that will be implemented in a software named Re-noBIM, that will enable reduction of renova-tion operation time, customized mass produc-tion, and lower financial risk for investors.

Przemysław Dana, ASM-Market Research and Analysis Centre, Poland ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre is a Partner in HISER and BERTIM project specialised in a wide range of research and management consultancy with expertise in construction market research & analysis. ASM leads the market and exploitation tasks in the project as well as is responsible for dissemination and communication activities. Prze-mysław Dana – International PR Manager at ASM responsible for PR, communication & dissemination activities especially with regard to international markets. Diploma in Interna-tional Relations, Mass Media & American studies, IV Certificate in Public Relations at Uni-world Business College Sydney.