Immersite Tool


SP2016 attendees were offered a live demonstration of the NOBATEK HQ ventilated façade efficiency for achieving both energy and comfort performance. Afterwards they were able to interact with the cutting-edge mobile Immersite tool installed in a refurbished container for supporting co-design processes of urban development projects. The key benefits of its use are:

* Easy to move, install.

* Easy to use

* Low cost technology but efficient


NOBATEK is a private technology center. Our activities ranks from Applied research to innovative services in the field of sustainable development and construction. NOBATEK’s multidisciplinary team works with building and public works companies, materials producers, industrialized, public or private contractors, developers, architects, consulting firms and local authorites. The center’s task is to Ensure the transfer of innovative tools, methods, processes and products That are concrete applications of research, in order to contribute to energy performance and environmental quality in the sector. Sustainable construction.  The center is very present in Aquitaine and Throughout The national territory, in European markets and more punctually in Latin America, North America or China. NOBATEK is also a co-founder and the national operator of the Institute for Energy Transition INEF4. Details about IMMERSITE (in French only) are HERE, and the NOBATEK website is available in all languages HERE.