CSTB – The Center for Science and Technology in Buildings, has for a mission to guarantee the quality and the safety of the buildings, and to accompany the innovation of the idea to the market. CSTB brings together multidisciplinary skills to develop and share critical scientific and technical knowledge and to provide stakeholders with the answers they expect in their professional practice.

CSTB carries out 5 key activities for this purpose: research and expertise, evaluation, testing, certification and dissemination of knowledge. His area of expertise covers construction products, buildings and their integration in the neighborhood and the city.

Research and Expertise: Developing and Mobilizing Knowledge

CSTB focuses its research efforts in priority areas. It mobilizes its expertise in support of public policies and in support of stakeholders in the building and urban environment. It develops a systemic approach that integrates all socio-economic issues of safety, health and comfort, environment and energy that are imposed on buildings, neighborhoods and cities. CSTB’s research is part of the programs of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It is also developing through Europe-funded partnerships, national programs and partnerships with socio-economic actors.

Based on knowledge acquired through innovation research and evaluation activities, CSTB’s expertise activity relies on a concrete knowledge of professional actors. At national, European and international level, CSTB participates in the standardization and evolution of the technical regulation of construction.

The CSTB Research website

Evaluation: supporting innovation

CSTB’s evaluation of innovations provides construction stakeholders with reliable information on the levels of performance and durability of the components (processes, materials, elements or equipment, etc.), in a field of use and the conditions of use. implementation well defined. CSTB supports construction stakeholders by encouraging the emergence of innovations and their access to the market, while making them safer. In support of the public authorities, the CSTB examines the requests for Technical Opinions. This procedure is defined by the State and relies on the CCFAT (Commission in charge of formulating the Technical Opinions) which issues the Technical Opinions.

The CCFAT website

In addition, CSTB offers technical evaluation services that support companies in developing their innovations on the market. At the European level, CSTB is a technical assessment body and a notified body to conduct assessments for CE marking.

The CSTB Evaluation site

Certification: valuing the quality of an offer on the market

The certification attests that the characteristics of an offer are in conformity with those described in a reference system, established with the whole of the stakeholders. This sign of quality aims to give users confidence in the strengths of an offer, in connection with targeted expectations. This voluntary approach gives players a visible means of differentiating their offer from competition. As an accredited certifying body, CSTB is a key player in the certification of construction products and services. With its partners and subsidiaries, it is also developing a significant certification activity in the field of works and skills, in France and internationally. Certification activities are accredited by the French Accreditation Committee ( COFRAC ).

Certifications of the CSTB

Dissemination: Sharing knowledge with actors

CSTB makes scientific and technical-regulatory information accessible and directly usable through publishing products and information services, business software and an offer of professional training between and within companies. The CSTB thus contributes to the sharing of knowledge for professionals in relation to the issues of multi-criteria performance of a building, with changes in regulations and the progression of innovations.

The Batipedia website, dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge

To carry out all of its missions, CSTB relies on its testing platforms . Numerous test benches, but also large equipment are put at the service of different scientific and technical disciplines. For example, Vulcain for the analysis of the fire behavior of the structures, Aquasim for the study of the water cycle, or the Jules Verne wind tunnel for the observation of the climatic effects on all buildings and infrastructures.

Installed on the various CSTB sites in France, these platforms make it possible to carry out a large panel of tests on materials, products and components of structures, pertaining to traditional or innovative construction processes.

CSTB can design specific test protocols, for the direct measurement of characteristics concerning components whose experimental approach is not yet standardized. Finally, the CSTB strives to enrich the analysis through numerical simulation, when the combined approach is considered relevant.

The tests are carried out as part of an evaluation, certification or CE marking process. They can also be useful in the research phase, to characterize the effectiveness of new concepts.

The building and urban actors can thus have experimental and reliable data to optimize their product / project, from the idea to the market.

Testing activities are accredited by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC). They are carried out under accreditation N ° 1-0300, 1-0301, 1-0302, 1-0304, 1-0305, 1-0306, 1-2122 and 1-1542 for the tests and 2-1930 for the calibration ( available on www.cofrac.fr ).

CSTB’s testing platforms