There are four types of proposals related to energy- and/or resource-efficiency being accepted into the Sustainable Places 2018 (SP2018) program. They are workshops, papers, briefings, and posters – as described below and in the SP2018_FINAL-CfP_1st-June_Deadline

Topics include, but are not limited to construction (new builds and renovation) towards Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) and smart homes, energy communities and districts, stakeholder engagement, and interconnected power grid technologies (e.g. renewable production, energy storage and management, construction materials, retrofitting, urban planning, etc.).

Specifically, SP2018 proposals accepted are related to data formulation and the underpinning theories, demo cases, observations, and validated hypotheses; innovative business models and technologies; data models, semantics, and interoperability; modeling and simulation, monitoring and control; key performance indicators, and evaluation frameworks.

SP2018 Contribution Types & Policies

SP2018 CfP (subject to updates) accepts the following contributions types. All proposals should be completed using the below application and indicate the type of session you are requesting as well as if multiple contribution types are requested (up to 3 per registered attendee).

  • Conference or Journal Paper (+Presentation) A 20-30 minute long presentation + full paper on mature research results that if accepted will start as a 4-page paper and become an extended 6-8 page scientific paper potentially published in one of the five special journal issues. If the extended paper is rejected or the authors choose not to carry out major revisions requested by the reviewers, the 4-page version will be included in the SP2018 proceedings. At least one (co)author must attend the event to defend the paper.  (Co)authors shall receive direct communications leading up to and throughout the peer-review process. 20-30’ PPT + 6-8 page full paper
  • Briefing (Presentation only, no paper) A 20-30 minute long briefing on any (mature or immature) project, initiative, organization, or otherwise within the conference topics will be showcased during a thematic session at SP2018.  The presentation shall be delivered by one of the authors or proxy collaborators, and at least one (co)author must attend the SP018 congress. 20’ PPT
  • Clustering Workshop Typically a 90 or 180 minute long (or otherwise proposed time-length) session designed to engage speakers and attendees in a productive interaction and to produce specific outcomes or demonstrate interactive results. Methodology, names of (AT LEAST) 3 REQUIRED registrants, and expected outcomes should be highlighted. If you need support to invite “sister projects” don’t hesitate to reach out via email to the conference chair:
  • Posters & Media Scientific & technical poster contributions (or mixed media installations) will be displayed in the exhibition hall (with full visibility to all attendees). The poster may potentially be defended in a dedicated track session, and at least one (co)author must attend the SP2018 congress. Full visibility to all delegates.

Please download the CfP: SP2018_FINAL-CfP_1st-June_Deadline and return it NO LATER THAN 1st June. All abstracts must be sent to the SP conference chair:  Zia.Lennard[@]


Many thanks to the valued partnerships for enabling the 6th edition of the reference EU congress for fostering international R&D valorization and new technology commercialization towards a global sustainable carbon-free society. Please see the SP2018: practicalities and SP2018 registration pages for details including but not limited to timelines, discounts, and travel/accommodation recommendations