Daylighting (SolarLits)  

“AGILE AESTHETICS – innovative architectural excellence for achieving the optimal health, comfort, and performance of buildings in smart cities“

There have been significant investments recently in research and technological development (RTD) of building envelopes and windows that improve daylighting towards increasing the efficiency and performance for occupants. The immense potential to improve wellness while reducing costs and energy consumption in buildings of all topologies (e.g. residential, tertiary, public, industrial, etc.) has come about in a myriad of ways.

Specifically, building-integrated renewables and advances in thermal power plants have led to a wide uptake of solar and district energy applications. It has been widely proven that with the prefabrication and non-intrusive installation of intelligent building components at both the refit and new build construction phases, Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) have certainly reached a tipping point. Specific topical keywords of particular interest for this special issue include but are not limited to:

  • Add-ons, recyclable, & reusable building materials;
  • Prefab assemblies & high-performance composites;
  • Building-integrated renewable & storage technology;
  • Indoor environmental quality analyses & solutions;
  • Living & breathing (double) skins with airtightness;
  • Moving buildings & kinetic architecture installations;
  • Smart & energy-efficient lighting cases in buildings;
  • Lighting assessment (illuminance, photometrics…);
  • Innovations in refit (insulation, glazing, ventilation..);
  • Translucency / electrochromism & curtain walls, etc.