BIM-SPEED Final Project Insights

This 90-minute  workshop will be led by BIM-SPEED project which is an acronym for “Harmonized Building Information Speedway for Energy-Efficient Renovation”.The main objective of BIM-SPEED is to push BIM for renovation projects by providing an ecosystem of interoperable tools, embedded in a cloud platform. The project’s mission is to accelerate the market uptake of “BIM for renovation’ in achieving a minimum of 60% energy savings as a standard for all deep renovations across the EU.


‘BIM for renovation of existing residential building stock’ has been proven viable in innovative pilot projects by the members of BIM- SPEED consortium, among others in H2020 Smart Cities. The mission of BIM-SPEED is to take ‘BIM for renovation’ to a deep renovation level for at least 60% energy saving, and to accelerate the market uptake across the EU. In line with its mission, BIM- SPEED aims to enable all stakeholders to adopt BIM to reduce the time of deep renovation projects by at least 30% by providing them with: 1) an affordable BIM cloud platform, 2) a set of inter-operable BIM tools, and 3) standardized procedures for As-Built data acquisition, modelling, simulation, implementation and maintenance of renovation solutions.


BIM-SPEED relies on a trans-disciplinary approach comprising (i) process, (ii) ICT, and (iii) social innovation with a special attention to the stakeholders as a key success factor for BIM adoption. The interoperability of a full range of BIM tools for renovation will be accommodated on an innovative BIM cloud platform, which will be launched and available free-of-charge for all stakeholders immediately from the beginning of the BIM-SPEED project. BIM-SPEED will engineer the seamless integration and quick installation of building and HVAC products for renovation into the existing buildings. Such Plug-and-Play solutions are crucial for the overall time reduction. BIM-SPEED consortium represents all players in the renovation market. Throughout a 4-year project duration, BIM- SPEED will demonstrate the holistic solution in 12 real demonstration cases. An EU-wide BIM Competition will be jointly organized by the European umbrella organizations in all disciplines to kick-off the first market replication in more than 200 BIM-based renovation projects. BIM-SPEED benefits from the membership of buildingSMART standardization platform and the EU BIM Task Group to harmonize best EU practices.

Draft Agenda:
Session Chair: Andre van DelftDEMO Consultants

  • Welcome & program introduction by DEMO (5 min)
  • Summary of project results  ( 15 min)
  • Honoring the BIM-Speed competition finalists and winners (15 min)
  • BIM-Speed platform  (10 min)
  • Innovative BIM tools for building renovation (10 min)
  • BIM-Speed Bsl use cases for building renovation (10 min)
  • Ontologies to support building renovation (10 min)
  • Demonstrating BIM implementation on renovation projects (10 min)
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