• Welcome to Infoday dedicated to Energy Efficency & Energy systems” Annabelle Rondaud, French National Contact Point (PDF)
  • Buildings in Energy Transition: Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Call for Proposals 2020 – Energy Societal Challenge (ES3) & Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP) – Energy Efficient Buildings PPP DG RTD” Margot PINAULT, Unit C3 – Energy Efficiency, European Commission, DG ENER; Stavros Stamatoukos, Unit B1 – H2020 Energy European Commission, EASME; and Feilim O’Connor Unit C2 – New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal, European Commission, DG ENER (PDF)
  • Pitch 1: CEA Tech Data Intelligence Department, Nizar Touleimat (PDF)
  • Pitch 2: DuneWorks, Sylvia Breukers (PDF)
  • Pitch 3: University of Cagliari – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Giuseppe Desogus (PDF)
  • Pitch 4: RESALLIENCE, Maxime Velay (PDF)
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