Integrated Storage systems for Residential buildings Workshop

The fight against climate change has shaped the core of the EU´s latest energy legislation under the Clean energy for all Europeans package. Energy storage has become a key player in the transition towards EU´s carbon-neutral economy by synchronising the overall energy supply and demand, at residential, district and urban level.

The current mature technologies for thermal storage are mostly based on water but a new wave of innovation is set in place to increase storage density and efficiency by  designing systems based on alternatives, such as thermochemical materials.  This new wave of innovate energy storage systems will not only will improve energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy sources but it will also help enhancing European energy security while tackling energy poverty and unemployment.

In this workshop, 3 Horizon 2020 EeB PPP projects will present and benchmark their research on innovative integrated storage systems for both existing and new residential buildings.

Participating projects : MINISTOR, HEAT INSYDE, HYBUILD

Participating European Commission representative: Dominique Planchon, Senior Program Officer, DG Research & Innovation
Chair of the workshop : Inés Arias Iglesias, FEUGA (Spain)
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