Building Digital Twin Association - Silver Sponsor

Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA) vision is to allow the coordination of multi-criteria efficient decision-making across all AECOO (Architecture, engineering, construction, owner and operator) stakeholders by digitally duplicating EU building stock.

Its mission is to develop an Open & Ethical Techno-economic Ecosystem to advance towards full implementation of Building Digital Twin Environments across all the stakeholders and lifecycles of AECOO Smart and Connected Real Estate and Infrastructure Assets, including occupants, through professional development and community. 

BDTA is a contributor to SPHERE, an EU Project which aims to provide a uniform framework for the future development of building digital twins by offering a setting for Smart, Connected Asset Systems (SCAS) over their full life cycle.

BDTA and Sustainable Places 2022

The BDTA is enthusiastic about participating in Sustainable Places 2022, spotlighting their work in the SPHERE project, notably the Digital Twin platform based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions (IDDS). SPHERE’s platform will optimize the building lifecycle from design to end of life, reduce costs, and improve energy efficiency in residential buildings.

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