Building Digital Twin Simulation

Thursday, September 8th, 2022 | 9h - 10:30h | Workshop | Hybrid

The Simulation workgroup of the Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA) is promoting several simulation standards and SIMBOTS to be used in building digital twins. These standards are needed to get better interoperability between software platforms and to reduce the cost of the implementation. Mathematical Simulation is oriented to real-time and software in the loop, but it can be use for all the phases of the building: design, commissioning or life cycle exploitation. 

BDTA is looking for partners to implement and support future standards. 

Session Chair: Eduard Loscos, BDTA (Building Digital Twin Association)

Contact Person: Zia Lennard, R2M Solution


  • Simulation for Real – Time / AI Enabled by Building Digital Twin Environments (PDF)
  • Simulation of HVAC and thermal storages for building integration (PDF)
  •  HYPERGRYD – New EU projects for coordinating grid districts and storage. The challenge and new solutions (PDF)

Video Recording

Video Presentation from BDTIC2022

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