SP2013 (ICT4SP) was a collaboration between the RESILIENT, PERFORMER, and ECO-DISTRICT projects (FP7). It took place in Center for Science & Technology in Buildings (CSTB); Sophia Antipolis, France

In setting up the first edition of the annual SP international conference, the main goal was to raise awareness, fostering networking and clustering among the projects funded in the frame of the 2010-2013 EeB PPP (Energy-efficient Buildings Public Private Partnership) funded by the European Commission (EC). Focus was on the major contributions that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) could bring to sustainability and on how ICT complements the improvements when synergized with complementary research domains (e.g. energy, materials, methods and practices, etc).

The conference program was quite dense, with six thematic sessions – opening session, district-scale, building scale & building to district interfaces, case studies, and two technical focus sessions –, as well as two co-located workshops – the 4th edition of the Energy-efficient Building (EeB) Data Models workshop and the 1st edition of the Key Performances Indicators (KPI) workshop – both organized under the auspices of the EC (DG Connect). The challenge was to deal with a broad spectrum of topics (methodologies, data models, software tools, etc.), to consider different scales (building, district), and to highlight both theoretical and field results.

The ICT4SP paper proceedings can be downloaded here: ICT4SP_ConfBooklet_2013

The paper proceedings from the 4th edition of the Energy-efficient Building (EeB) Data Models workshop at ICT4SP can be downloaded here: Proceedings-of-4th-EEB-Data-Models-Community-workshop_ICT-for-Sustainable-Places_2013

The paper proceedings from the 1st edition of the Key Performances Indicators (KPI) workshop at ICT4SP can be downloaded here: http://www.semanco-project.eu/index_htm_files/Visualising%20the%20Big%20Picture%20EeB%20paper%20Final%2005082013.pdf

Additionally, ICT4SP hosted the following 3 events/pilot site visits:

  3. DIGITAL CITY VILLE NUMERIQUE FINAL EVENT, which was a project, led by CSTB, bringing together five high-level national research centers (CSTB, ENPC, IFSTTAR, IGN, and METEO-FRANCE) under the global assignment of French Ecology Ministry. It aimed to bring together the various expertise (in simulation, picture and geometrical analysis, data standard and sharing, mesh generator, scientific computing, software engineering, scientific visualization…) within a common software platform. This implies the interoperability of various mathematical models and data with their own data format, vocabulary, working scale, uncertainty, validity model, etc. To overcome this barrier, the partners decided to build together a “Digital City Charter ” designed to gather all the rules and necessary practices to make this possible, especially through the potentiality of using a centralized and standardized data model to accommodate and support the different aspects of urban projects during their lifecycle, in close connection with city experts, decision makers and citizens.

This event (ICT4SP), benefiting from the support of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP/E2BA), is an open research forum, offering a key opportunity to manufacturers, service providers, research laboratories, standard development organizations, urban planners, etc. to meet and network, share information, assess outcomes from the most advanced projects, discuss possible synergies, envision possible standards evolution, etc.

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