NextGenEPCs Cluster Presents

Measuring Building Performance and Operational Rating

This workshop will set the backdrop of the ongoing Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) implementation and further development (future-proofing) at both EU and national levels. Additionally, members of the EPC H2020 Cluster will pitch their projects and engage in discussion surrounding a sensible path ahead in light of the EPBD revision. 

Members of the NextGen EPC H2020 cluster provide support support to the European Commission services (& contractors) and the EU’s Member States in the upcoming SRI national testing and the ongoing development of the SRI, and possibly other (e.g. ensure an energy performance of buildings (EPB) coherence framework for all instruments to flawlessly work together energy performance certificates (EPCs), Digital Building Logbooks, Renovation Roadmaps & Passports, Level(s)…) . The main goal is to ensure an open co-creation process maximizing quality, relevance, utility, and effectiveness while avoiding reinventing the wheel and ensuring a coordinated and convergent approach. Such an approach would greatly support the digital transformation of the EU’s building stock which in turn will enable and facilitate to arrive by 2050 at healthy, safe, efficient, flexible and sustainable (carbon neutral) buildings for the people.

Session chair:  Andrei Vladimir LitiuREHVA

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