Closing Plenary: "Call to Action"

14:15 - 15:30, 1st October 2021, hybrid

Sustainable Places 2021 ended with a call to action. In this short closing session, we got an update on IES’ Manifesto for Saving the Planet and a view on how digital twins are making an impact via case study examples.


Thomas Messervey – R2M Solution (CEO / SP2021 co-organizer)

Closing Remarks: “SP2021 Rollup”


In a short set of closing remarks, Tom rolled-up SP2021, urged the community to move from discussion to implementation and invited everyone to enjoy the networking lunch. 



Don Mclean – Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) – (Founder & CEO)

Keynote: “The Manifesto – 2 years in”


Two years ago, IES issued its “Manifesto for Saving the Planet” which looked at the challenges facing the planet and humankind as the population continues to grow and our consumption pattens continue to increase. The Manifesto was tied to a pivot point at IES toward a suite of digital twin simulation environments called “Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL)” which aims to have a positive energy impact on every building on the planet in all phases of the buildings lifecycle. Two years later, this talk provided an update on the manifesto as it stands today, why its themes are more pressing than ever and how building sector stakeholders and grid operators are levering digital twin technologies for the design and operation of the built environment in an integrated way.

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