Digitisation of the Building Sector, a Key Enabler for the Renovation Wave

Wednesday September 7th, 2022 | 10:15h - 11:45h | Workshop | Hybrid

During the workshop, digital construction experts and representatives of four different EU-funded projects focusing on the application of BIM and circular methods to energy-efficient renovations discussed the ever-present topic of digitisation of the construction sector. Each project offered a testimony of the high potential of digitisation to achieve the goals set by the EU Renovation Wave. The workshop was closed by a round table discussion on current trends and future perspectives of digitisation in energy-efficient renovations as well as the main concrete benefits of using digital tools in renovation processes and how BIM can have an impact not only on large companies, but also on construction SMEs, which are the main players in the renovation market.

Contact person: Fernando Vespa, EBC (European Builders Confederation)

Session Chair: Antoine Dugué NOBATEK/INEF4 


  1. Introductory speech on BIM and RenovationSouheil Soubra, CSTB – EU BIM Task Group – 10 min
  2. High potential of digitisation for the renovation wave: 4 testimonies – 40 min 
  • BIM4RenDigitisation of existing building stock – Pierre Bourreau, NOBATEK/INEF4 – 10 min
  • BIMERRLessons learned from BIM-based decision support tools for building renovationGiorgos Giannakis, HYPERTECH – 10 min
  • GrowingCircleData: One of the pillars of digital continuity for circular economyPedro Mêda, Instituto da Construçãom, Porto University – 10 min
  • BIM-SPEED Towards an EU cloud platform for renovation Timo Hartmann, TUB – 10 min

3. Round table on current trends and future outlooks for digitalisation in energy-efficient renovations 30 min

Round table panelists:

  • Souheil Soubra, CSTB – EU BIM Task Group 
  • Pierre Bourreau, NOBATEK/INEF4
  • Giorgos Giannakis, HYPERTECH
  • Pedro Mêda, Instituto da Construção – Porto University
  • Timo Hartmann, TUB

4. Discussion and interaction with the Audience – 10min

Video recordings (3 parts)

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