European Actions Towards Geographical Islands Decarbonisation

Friday September 9th, 2022 | 9:00h-12:30h | Hybrid

In May 2017, the efforts of the European Commission to promote the clean energy transition on  islands were materialized through the publication of the “Political Declaration on clean energy for  EU Islands”. The European islands, due to their geographical and natural limitations, have the  potential to become frontier innovation leaders of the clean energy transition, especially when it  comes to efficient use sources. Several projects dealing with the clean energy transition of islands  have been funded under the EU’s H2020 research and innovation program . This workshop brought together a selection of sister projects coping with islands decarbonisation  and clean energy transition by presenting their experience with the EU bodies, the financial  schemes and the main outcomes.  

The Sustainable Places 2022 workshop, similar to what had been done during this same initiative in 2021, looked at the reinforcement of the synergies created among the H2020  sister projects IANOS (GA n°957810), INSULAE (GA n°824433), NESOI (GA n°864266), REACT (GA n°  824395), ROBINSON (GA n°957752), MAESHA (GA n° 957843), GIFT (GA 824410) and ISLANDER  (GA 957669), already involved within the EU BRIDGE and Clean Energy for European Islands  initiatives. 

This workshop explored different thematics related to the clean energy transition of islands, and thus was constituted by 2 consecutive sessions where the representative from the  consortia presented their points of view:

  1. EU funding schemes to support small and medium islands toward smart energy management  and decarbonisation pathways – involving speakers from NESOI and ISLANDER projects
  2. Technical project presentations: each project representative presenting the innovative aspects  of their EU project, projects’ goals and replicability studies/experience from the pilot/demo island.

Workshop Co-Chairs: Giorgio BONVICINI and Bruno Marcos SODIRO, RINA Consulting S.p.A

Project Consortia Involved: 

  • IANOS – ( H2020 project, GA 957810) 
  • NESOI –  ( H2020 project, GA 864266)
  • INSULAE (H2020 project, GA 824433) 
  • REACT(H2020 project, GA 824395)
  • ROBINSON (H2020 project, GA 957752)
  • MAESHA –  (H2020 project, GA 957843)
  • GIFT – (H2020 project, GA 824410)
  •  ISLANDER (H2020 project, GA 957669)


The workshop was structured in 2 interactive sessions:  

  • The first session featured a dedicated panel discussing funding opportunities, current policies  dealing with decarbonising islands. The speakers provided their inputs on what needs to  be done to enhance these measures and which are the identified barriers. ( 60 min ) 
  • The second session was targeted to presenting the innovation aspects of 8 projects, also  including representatives from the municipalities involved. ( 90 min ) 
  • Q&A / Debate ( 30 min ) 


The workshop delivered 10 presentations, available below for download:

Video recording:

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