Innovative financing for energy efficiency investments

There is a need to set up innovative financing schemes at regional or national level in order to create the conditions for adequate supply of private finance for energy efficiency investments. Innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency aim to progressively maximise the leverage ratio of public funds to private finance. This is in line with the “Smart Finance for Smart Buildings” initiative that aims at using public funds more effectively.

This workshop will present the work conducted by projects funded under the Horizon 2020 framework programme that are addressing the development, replication and implementation of innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency investments. They involve different types of organisations, ownership structures and financing models such as :

  • dedicated credit lines; guarantee facilities; factoring/forfaiting schemes; on-bill (e.g. utility-financed) or on-tax financing schemes;
  • citizen financing (e.g. crowd-funding) for energy efficiency;
  • finance models for the deep renovation of buildings, addressing both property and rental markets;
  • finance models for different industry sectors and cross-sectorial initiatives;
  • financing solutions integrating existing market-based instruments relevant for energy efficiency (e.g. carbon finance instruments, including those under the European Emissions Trading System; energy efficiency obligations, including white certificates; etc.);
  • or schemes based on project aggregators or clearing houses at regional or national level, which should support project development and match demand and supply of energy efficiency finance.

These schemes are addressing the provision of finance as well as the structuring of demand, in particular at regional/national level, and target specific areas (e.g. energy-intensive industries, buildings etc.). These schemes often complement already available funding and they are tailored and innovative for the targeted regions and market segments.

Contact Person: Zia Lennard, R2M Solution

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