Innovative Solutions Supporting Cities’ Transition

Thursday, September 8th, 2022 | 16h- 17:30h | Workshop | Hybrid

According to the EU Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, cities play a pivotal role in achieving climate neutrality by 2050, the goal of the European Green Deal. They take up only 4% of the EU’s land area, but they are home to 75% of EU citizens. Furthermore, cities consume over 65% of the world’s energy and account for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions. 

Ongoing EU projects have developed tools, models and solutions that can help cities accelerate their green and digital transformation. This workshop gathered several of them to present some of their key results supporting the development of more sustainable, inclusive, smarter and greener cities.

Session Chair: Sophie Dourlens-Quaranta, R2M Solution

Contact: Rachel Desmaris, R2M Solution

H2020 projects involved:


This 90-minute workshop was organised as follows:
  • Project presentations (5 -10 minutes each)
  • Each presentation will be followed by an interactive session, discussing each cities innovative solutions.
  • Workshop wrap-up –  summation of the session’s main takeaways.

Video recording

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