Opening Plenary: "Innovation Trends in Horizon Europe and the Market"

13:45 - 15:30, 29th September 2021, hybrid

After a welcome from GBC Italia, this session touched on several trends in Horizon Europe and the market at large.  These include Artificial Intelligence in buildings, the Smart Readiness Indicator for building services, work on Digital Logbooks, and the role of Technical Assistance in facilitating the uptake of such innovations.


Thomas Messervey – R2M Solution (CEO)

Session Moderator: “Innovation Trends in Horizon Europe”


Session opening and moderation with an additional welcome to new delegates joining this day.


Francesco Bedeschi – GBC Italia (Member of the Executive Board – International Relationships)
Keynote: “Green Building Councils – Advocating Sustainability”
Green Building Councils across Europe and the globe represent industry, advocate policies for sustainability and participate in research projects alongside other European partners. In this talk, Prof. Bedeschi welcomed the audience to the event and highlight some key initiatives and activities within the WGBC European Network and GBC Italia.


Stijn Verbeke – Senior Researcher (EnergyVille/VITO + University of Antwerp) – Leader of the SRI Support Team

Keynote: “Understanding the importance of smart buildings: the EU Smart Readiness Indicator”


Smart technologies can be a cost-effective means to make buildings more energy efficient, while also improving the life of the occupants and facilitating the integration of buildings in renewable energy systems. This motivated the European Commission to launch a common EU instrument to assess smart buildings: the ‘Smart Readiness Indicator’ (SRI). In this talk, Stijn briefly introduced the concept and methodology of this indicator. Next, he explained the current and upcoming activities of the technical support team, which assists the European Commission and Member States in the testing and implementation of this instrument across Europe.


Sam Ramadori – Brainbox AI (CEO)

Keynote: Scaling Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Buildings


Brainbox AI is a global leader in using AI to create value for all building users, owners and utilities across the world. Since launch in 2019, BBAI has commissioned AI on over 10 million square meters of real estate impacting sustainability and wellness in over 70 cities. To do that, BBAI has had to scale both itself as a company in parallel with the technology itself.  In this talk, Sam shared how AI is changing the building services landscape, some of the challenges and opportunities along the way, and vision for the future.


Sophie Dourlens Quaranta – R2M France (Managing Partner)

Keynote: “Digital Building Logbooks”


The European Commission recently concluded a study on Digital Building Logbooks where Sophie served as the coordinating manager.  In this talk, Sophie shared the motivation, key findings and future outlook for digital building logbooks in Europe and how they can be a driver for increased productivity, efficiency and sustainability in the building sector.


Andrea Martinez – SINLOC (Deputy Managing Director)

Keynote: “Advisory Services as a Driver for Sustainability”


SINLOC is a consulting and investment company providing advisory services, feasibility studies and direct investment in public private partnerships. This talk will focus on how technical, financial, legal and administrative support are critical functions in supporting urban area stakeholders in embracing innovation and investment to implement energy transition projects. A focus point on the European Island Facility NESOI was provided. 

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