SP2022: Pitching Sessions

Tuesday, September 6th, 14:00h-16:00h, 2022

Sustainable Places is delighted to showcase local French innovators for this year’s plenary opening “Innovate with France”. An event organized by R2M Solution, CCI Nice Côte d’Azur, and Capenergies

Elodie Bondi

General Director

Qualisteo is an innovative company specializing in monitoring the electrical consumption of industrial sites.

Qualisteo offers a unique non-intrusive measurement system that allows to measure the electrical consumption of the site, and a data processing software that allows to identify the consumption uses.

Thanks to this innovative system, we can offer our clients a real-time mapping of their consumption by zone/use.

Our team of energy managers allows our customers to implement energy savings based on “free savings without investment”.

With Qualisteo, consumption is mapped at +90% per zone/use, and consumption is reduced by -10%/15%.


William Borderie

Sales Director

Solarcloth designs and produces flexible, light, and , foldable, rollable, quality photovoltaic textile,  in France. 

Our mission: to provide clean energy, everywhere and for everyone.

Our goal is to participate in the energy transition at the local level. We want to work towards the renewable energy autonomy of units not connected to the grid.

Our team has developed a unique technological expertise in the field of thin film integration under vacuum, using an ecological process of thermo-fusion without solvents, to realize light, very resistant and “non-deformable” racing sails.

This exclusive know-how has allowed us to integrate these layers reinforced with technological fibers, flexible, rollable and very thin photovoltaic films (25 to 65 microns), to laminated or woven textiles.
A new solar fabric was born, providing a sustainable energy that contributes to zero dependency applicable to many sectors of activity.

With a unique DNA, combining high technology and renewable energy, our team is open to all new applications and innovations, consistent with our expertise, green energy and the environment.

Olivier Bechu

CEO & Co-Founder

 SUN and GO, a player in the energy transition, offers photovoltaic solutions to companies and local authorities in the South of France, for the production of renewable and local energy for buildings and the recharging of electric and hybrid vehicle fleets.

SUN and GO has chosen to combine solar energy production to ensure the electric mobility of vehicle fleets and the energy consumption of buildings in order to propose a global offer to communities and companies in the South-East of France.

It is to combine a solution of ecomobility in self-production and a self-consumption of the energy of the building, making it possible to drive with solar energy and to consume its local energy.

We allow you to produce local and renewable electricity on your parking lot and/or your roof thanks to photovoltaic, to supply your electric vehicles as well as the internal network of the company when the batteries are full or the vehicles are absent.

Cindy Umaña-Lopez

Project Manager

WIT is a French industrial company that develops technological solutions for: controlling, securing and operating all types of technical installations remotely.

With more than 35 years of experience, innovation and technological mastery, WIT solutions guarantee
– Optimization of energy resources
– Safety of goods and people
– Continuity of services
– Control of environmental risks
– Performance management
– Open and secure environment
– Development of new uses and services

Discover our solutions :
– Smart Building for connected buildings serving their users
– Smart Water for a controlled and efficient water cycle

WIT solutions bring your facilities into a new era, more efficient and collaborative than ever.
➢ Data acquisition to give you a global vision.
➢ Analysis of your facility’s operation in real or delayed time to make appropriate decisions.
➢ “Business” actions implementing automatisms to control equipment and make them interact with each other
➢ Anticipation with predictive functionalities to improve productivity, responsiveness, generate savings and avoid technical malfunctions.
➢ Raising awareness and involving occupants in changing their behavior.

Whether you are a Design Office, an Operator, an Installer, an Integrator, an Industrial, or a Community, our team of enthusiasts will be able to analyze and understand your needs and bring you the best technological and financial solution!

Valda Stanley

Product Manager

Eco CO2 is positioned on the environment and sustainable development market. Eco CO2 designs, develops and distributes simple and economical solutions allowing companies, terrorist communities or any individual to control their energy consumption, their carbon footprint and their environmental impact.

Muriel Etievant

 Marketing Manager

Oghji, the first digital, connected and eco-responsible electrical panel.
Every home, company, factory, public building in the world is equipped with an electrical safety panel whose operation no longer meets current energy control requirements.

Individuals and companies need to increase their capacity while keeping their bills under control.

Energy suppliers, for their part, must deal with a reduction in electricity production and increasingly unpredictable weather.

It is in this context that six partners, passionate about new technologies and home automation, with the ambition of contributing to the preservation of our environment and our natural resources, had the idea of ​​creating Oghji.

Our ambition is to develop a new generation of electrical protection switchboards that will revolutionize the use of electricity by providing flexibility, comfort and savings.”
– The Oghji team

Filip Gluszak


GridPocket participates in the “smart grid” revolution and specializes in the development of innovative value-added energy services for energy suppliers.

With more than 10 years of experience, GridPocket offers “white label”  Customer Experience Platforms that create added-value from smart meter’s data.

Whether it is gas, electricity or water, our platforms help people to better understand their consumption. GridPocket’s mission is to make consumers actors of their own consumption. Their solutions allows companies to better know their clients to create long-lasting engagement

GridPocket’s solutions covers churn management, smart homes, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence and behavioural customer analysis.

Patrick Hurpin


MACAUTO is an innovative European company proposing an urban infrastructure system for shared transport and energy management, reproducible components of the MACAUTO project.

The “Hives” are integrated as structuring elements of a proximity service in the design of the new districts of tomorrow’s sustainable cities, Smart Cities.

A MACAUTO Hive saves 10,750 m² of parking space.

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