De-risking Energy Efficiency Investments Workshop

Day 3 | Thursday 29th October | 13.00 - 14.30

Energy efficiency is not yet considered as an attractive investment by the financial sector which limits the possibility to use external private finance on top of equity of project owners and available public funding. The lack of statistical data on the actual energy and costs savings achieved by energy efficiency investment projects, as well as on payment default rates, results in financial institutions attributing high risk premiums to energy efficiency investments. Whereas energy efficiency investments are usually expected to be paid back exclusively through the reduction of the energy bill, there is increasing evidence that non-energy benefits play a key role in the decision to invest in energy efficiency. This includes for instance increased building value, lower tenant turnover or vacancy rates etc.

A number of H2020 projects are developing innovative solutions to tackle the above challenges, and they joinined forces on a common workshop at Sustainable Places 2020 to expose their approach and discuss potential synergies.

Participating projects : EENVEST, TRIPLE-A, QUEST

Participating European Commission Project Officer : Stavros Stamatoukos, Project Advisor at EASME
Chairs of the workshop : Annalisa Andaloro (EURAC) & Rachel Desmaris (R2M Solution)


  • “Welcome statement” Stavros Stamatoukos, Project Advisor at EASME, European Commission
  • “Introduction of the overall objective of the workshop” Rachel Desmaris, R2M Solution
  • “EENVEST” Annalisa Andaloro, EURAC (PDF)
  • “TRIPLE-A” Haris Doukas, NTUA (PDF)
  • “QUEST” Stefan Plesser, SYNAVISION (PDF)
  • “Discussion on horizontal questions”
  • “Identification of cooperation opportunities for upcoming months, and next steps” Rachel Desmaris, R2M Solution
  • Conclusion” Annalisa Andaloro, EURAC & European Commission

Video Recording:

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