"Digitalization Tools for Energy-Efficient Renovation" Workshop

Day 2 | Wednesday 28th October | 13.00 - 16.30

Digital transformation is slowly progressing in the European construction industry, which means a huge gap between theoretical digital opportunities and the realities of on-site construction. Digitalization is the key challenge to support the renovation interventions since it may contribute to collaboration, cost efficiency, and time savings. At the same time, it guarantees process quality along with all the renovation phases, solving some of the hindrances due to the uncertainty of the process.

Particularly, the use of Building Models allows to store and share the information about the existing building through Building Information Modelling (BIM). This is a crucial point to avoid uncertainties since the models are fed and checked by all stakeholders. This workshop brought together a selection of H2020 EU-funded projects involving experts from the AECOO industry to discuss a common strategy to pitch their progress and intermediate achievements, moreover, to discuss the major technical and non- technical challenges they are currently facing.


Participating European Commission representative: Dominique Planchon, Senior Program Officer, DG Research & Innovation
Chairs of the workshop : Mohamed Elagiry (R2M solution) & Antoine Dugue (Nobatek INEF4)


  • BIM4Ren: Antoine Dugue, INEF4, Mohamed Elagiry, R2M Solution, Bruno Fies, CSTB (PDF)
  • BIM4EEB: Bruno Daniotti, Polimi, Cecilia Bolognesi, Polimi (PDF)
  • BIMSPEED: Timo Hartmann, TU-Berlin (PDF)
  • ENCORE: Sebastian Scholze, atb-bremen (PDF)
  • BIMEER: Otilia Werner-Kytölä, fit.fraunhofer, Fenareti Lampathaki, suite5, Giorgos Giannakis, Hypertech (PDF)
  • RenoZEB: Asier Mediavilla, Tecnalia (PDF)
  • SPHERE: Mikel Borràs, idp, Eduard Loscos, IDP (PDF)
  • BIMzeED: Larissa De Rosso, ace, Elisabeth O’Brien, LIT (PDF)
  • DIGIPLACE: Nicolas Naville, CSTB (PDF)

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