Renewable Heating and Cooling Solutions for Buildings and Industry Workshop

Day 3 | Thursday 29th October | 14.00 - 17.00

Renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling are safe, clean, efficient and increasingly cost-competitive. In its vision 2050 prospective document, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling – RHC ETIP – envisions that 100% renewable energy-based heating and cooling (100% RHC) in Europe is possible by 2050.

This workshop brought together a selection of H2020 EU-funded projects involving experts from the biomass, geothermal, solar thermal and heat pump sectors to discuss a common strategy for increasing the use of renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling for buildings and industry.


Chair of the workshop: Andrea Frazzica (CNR ITAE) 
Participating European Commission representative: Olga RIO-SUAREZ, Policy Officer, DG Research & Innovation


  • Welcome statement: European Commission, Eleftherios Bourdakis, Policy Officer, DG Research & Innovation
  • Workshop overview: Andrea Frazzica, CNR ITAE

RHC for industrial applications

  • HYCOOL: Prof. Dr. Uli Jakob, HFT Stuttgart (PDF)
  • SHIP2FAIR: Gugliemo Cioni, TVP Solar (PDF)
  • Friendship: Valéry Vuillerme, CEA (PDF)
  • Q&A

Storage solutions for RHC support in buildings

  • HYBUILD: Gabriel Zsembinszki, University of Lleida (PDF)
  • SWS Heating: Claudia Fabiani, UNIPG (PDF)
  • Scores: Zuzana Tatakova, FENIX TNT (PDF)
  • Create: Samuel Knabl, AEE Intec (PDF)
  • Q&A

Innovative solutions for RHC deployment in buildings

  • InnovaMicroSolar: Khamid Mahkamov, Northumbria University (PDF)
  • SolBio-Rev: Prof. Sotirios Karellas, National Technical University of Athens (PDF)
  • TriHP: Dani Carbonell, SPF Institute for Solar Technology (PDF)
  • RES4BUILD: Eise Spijker, JIN (PDF)
  • Q&A

Demonstration actions for RHC in buildings

  • GEOFIT, Marco Calderoni, R2M Solution (PDF)
  • SunHorizon: Alessandra Cuneo, RINA Consulting (PDF)
  • HybridBioVGE: Szabolcs Varga, Universidade de Porto (PDF)
  • Heat4Cool: Rossano Scoccia, Politecnico di Milano (PDF)
  • Q&A
  • Discussion, wrap-up and next steps: Andrea Frazzica, CNR ITAE & Régis Decorme, R2M Solution
  • Conclusion: European Commission, Eleftherios Bourdakis, Policy Officer, DG Research & Innovation

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