Citizen Empowerment

Thursday, June, 15th, 2023 | 16h - 17:30h | Paper Session

  • Abstract
  • 1) “How to engage citizens to participate in local climate action: the Las Rozas-Madrid case study” Sven Kallen, Life Terra Foundation (LAS ROZAS project)

    2) “Crowdlending EE Measures in Super-Heero: Results of the first campaign and investor feedback” Thomas Messervey, R2M Italy (SUPER-HEERO project)

    3) “Redream – The experience of a user centered energy system” Carlos Becker, Stemy Energy (REDREAM project)

    4) “Natural hazards and cascading impacts: an innovative approach for climate change mitigation” Jairis Arllen Alvarez Trujillo, RINA Consulting (MEDiate project)

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