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Over 25+ years IES have built a solid reputation as the leading global innovator in integrated performance based analysis for the built environment. Our Digital Twin technology facilitates the creation of resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments of any size or purpose. Providing data-driven insights to empower any stakeholder involved in the design, use or operation of individual or entire groups of buildings to make smarter, more sustainable decisions with confidence.

IES and Sustainable Places
IES is excited to be participating in this year’s Sustainable Places in Rome. Italy is an exciting market for the company, where we have built up a strong user base with our Virtual Environment software. We are proud to have supported over 2000 Polimi students into the workforce through use of our software and, more recently, our expanded suite of digital twin tools for the built environment -the Intelligent Communities Lifecyle (ICL)- is supporting Reinventing Cities projects in the Milan area and beyond. Sustainable Places recognises that climate change objectives cannot be met without innovations capable of tackling the built environment, and its associated infrastructure, at scale. This is closely aligned to IES’ approach, which recognises buildings as active elements in a complex network of services. We believe digital tools –and digital twins specifically– will be essential in navigating the route to zero-carbon, sustainable and healthier built environments. Providing a holistic, scalable solution which translates data into decision support information to support net-zero strategies and interventions. “We are delighted to be returning to Sustainable Places. At IES, we believe every building of every city in the world can be decarbonised. Our purpose is developing technology to make that happen. We look forward to joining like minded innovators who share our vision for more sustainable, resilient and decarbonised built environments.” Don McLean, Founder & CEO, IES

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