"Smart Buildings: Defining R&I Priorities" workshop

15:30 – 18:30, 29th September 2021, hybrid

Smart buildings: defining R&I prorities

SmartBuilt4EU launched in February 2021 four open task forces to investigate the key issues and trends related to smart buildings and identify state of the art, best practices, barriers, challenges and opportunities to support their uptake. Their collaborative work is structured into white papers which will feed a Strategic Research Agenda to be presented to the European Commission.

These Task Forces federate volunteers from other H2020 projects as well as members from the industrial and non-profit sectors.

This workshop:

    • Quickly presented the white papers released on the first four topics investigated by our Task Forces in the past 6 months (30 mn) (Topics: End-users acceptance and attractiveness; Interoperability; Providing flexibility to electricity grids;  Business models and smart financing.)
    • Introduced the next topics of the Task Forces (TF) and the process for the next 6 months (30 mn)
    • Brainstormed collectively on topics’ scope and State of the Art/ got inputs from projects working on these topics (60 mn):
      • 30 min brainstorming TF1 (User-centric building) & TF2 (Optimised building costs) in parallel
      • 30 min brainstorming TF3 (Smart buildings integration to multiple networks) & TF4 (Data governance, privacy and security) in parallel

Contributors shared their knowledge and lessons learnt, and gained insights from the other members!

Video recording

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