Learnings from across the EU: Smart Meter Rollup

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 | 8:30h - 10h | Workshop | Online

This workshop aimed to promote and disseminate learnings about the pros and cons of various approaches to rolling out smart meters across the EU, taking Spain, Bulgaria, and the UK as case studies. The objective of this dissemination was to provide cross-border insights to policy-makers, who may be operating in national “silos”, with the final desired outcome of improving the effectiveness of smart metering across Europe, particularly where metering has not yet been rolled out in mass. The output of the workshop resulted in a set of policy recommendations, addressing the need and barriers from a cross-national perspective.

Session Chair: Connor Enright, EnergyPro Limited


The workshop began with three 5 -10 minute presentations: 

1. Introducing the importance of smart metering and its use cases (including why EN-TRACK wants to improve smart meter outcomes), as well as the progress made in the UK, and the hurdles still to be addressed. 

2. Introduction of the progress and lack of progress made in Bulgaria, with a call to action to implement greater change. 

3. Introduction of the Spanish DataDis system and successful smart meter rollout, discussion of what  made this a success (centralised technical support, clear messaging, aligned incentives and regulatory env.) 

Guided Activities: 

From here we will then open up with 10-20 minutes of guided activities using print-outs or online forms, helping to get people’s mind’s moving and focused on the topic. This will then feed into 20-40 minutes of structured questions (as time allows), with a mixture of prepared questions for the panel before we open up to audience questions.

Activities (divided into break-out groups with online activities): 

  • Additional insights from other nations present in the audience.
  • Top 3 policy recommendations across different aspects (regulatory, financial, public engagement etc.)
  • Top 3 barriers to advancing policy.
  • “Dream” use case for Smart Meter Data.
  • Relevant Questionnaire about the audience.

Video reording:

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