• 2017-06-28   0800h
  • Teesside University, Middlesbrough UK

Planned Keynote Speakers for Sustainable Places 2017:

Sustainable Places 2017 (SP2017) is the fifth iteration of the annual international conference focused on the technological and scientific intersections between Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) and the collaborating smart grids, policies, and communities that enable future low-carbon economies and green energy-based behavioral practices. The SP2017 keynotes confirmed are summarized as follows.

Margot Pinault, DG Energy

Margot Pinault, European Commission, DG Energy, Energy Efficiency unit, Buildings and Finance team; Policy Officer in charge of Horizon 2020 funding for Energy Efficiency (Societal Challenge 3 – Energy Efficiency part)

Read more about Margot and the EPBD recast SP2017 keynote speech planned for the closing ceremony on 29th June 2017 in UK

Mircea Bucur, Kiwi Power

Mircea Bucur is the owner and CEO of Kiwi Power, with expertise in retail and wholesale telecom markets, business models and commercial strategies; market segmentation; performance appraisal; process analysis and re-engineering; investment appraisal and financial modelling

Details shortly to follow regarding Mircea's SP2017 keynote speech

Sorcha Edwards, Housing Europe

Convinced of the need for decent housing for all for our societies to function and the role of Housing Europe members in achieving that. Sorcha has a demonstrated history of promoting inclusive Housing policies & a fair energy transition in the EU and across Europe

Details shortly to follow regarding Sorcha's SP2017 keynote speech

Yasmine Assef, Renault

Yasmine has worked for EMBIX and with Construction21, now the Program Manager, Energy Services at Groupe Renault - Yasmine's expertise is on Energy Management, Smart Grids, and Internet of Things applied to energy Utilities industry; P&L management; and with extensive knowledge of a full project life cycle (pre-sales, sales, delivery, maintenance) she will show how Electric Vehicles can be grid- and building-integrated from a commercial perspective.

Details shortly to follow regarding Yasmine's SP2017 keynote speech

SP2017 practicalities and programme composition

SP2017 moderates collaborations between relevant initiatives for empowering the strength of collaborative efforts. The programme is being drafted as follows:

  • Attending SP2017 in UK

    For all SP2017 presenters & non-speaking guests

    Please complete bookings for  REGISTRATION & TRAVEL to attend SP2017 and then consult the DRAFT PROGRAMME to plan your visit & setup meetings. Support is available by emailing through the contact page or to Zia.Lennard[@]R2Msolution.com.

  • Call for SP2017 proposals (CfP) deadline extension – 1st MAY

    For those who think it’s too late to present Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) and smart grid solutions at Sustainable Places 2017, good news! The CfP has been extended until 1st May.

    Please click the below button and return the application for abstract consideration of posters, workshops, presentations, and conference papers that are eligible for publication in the conference proceedings or the Buildings journal special issue.

    Download the CfP here and return by 1st May


  • Preliminary SP2017 schedule for 28th June
  • Preliminary schedule for day 2 of SP2017 (29th June)
  • Potential pilot site visits on day 3 of SP2017 (30th June)

    Details shortly, thanks for your patience!

Highlights from the Sustainable Places event series

SP2016 keynote speakers

Below are quick links to some interactive overviews of the SP2016 keynote speeches and the authors delivering them. The speeches as they were delivered can be downloaded in full PDF and/or can be viewed in an interactive format via the SP2016 keynotes page.

SP2016 keynote: Germain Adell, Nobatek

SP2016 keynote: Etienne Wurtz, CEA INES

SP2016 keynote: Michael Steifman, Utilisave

SP2016 keynote: Olivier Cotter, Schneider Electric

SP2016 keynote: Marijn De Koning, USEF

SP2016 keynote: Andrea Moro, iiSBE Italia


  • This event, benefiting from the support of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP/E2BA), is an open research forum, offering a key opportunity to manufacturers, service providers, research laboratories, standard development organizations, urban planners, etc. to meet and network, share information, assess outcomes from the most advanced projects, discuss possible synergies, envision possible standards evolution, etc.– ICT4SP (2013)
  • We, as members of the industry and academic research community, are among the key players of this European-wide effort. For this effort to be successful, we need to act collectively, being aware of each other’s goals and achievements. The Sustainable Places conference is an attempt to support this collective awareness and – hopefully – one further step towards an EU-wide integrated research effort on cities & their Regions’ sustainability– SP2014
  • An important event for energy professional and researchers. The innovative business ideas presented there seem to have the potential to shape the market of energy services and solutions of the next coming years.– SP2015