"Financing the Energy Tansition" paper session

15:30 – 17:00, 29th September 2021, hybrid

  • “Data collection to support energy efficiency finance in the building sector” (Hybrid delivery: Eddie Streng, Joule Assets Europe)
  • “The EN-TRACK energy efficiency performance tracking platform for benchmarking savings and investments in buildings. Data model development” (Hybrid delivery: Edgar Martínez S., Stoyan Danov; CIMNE Beegroup)
  • “Extended Public-Private Partnership for Investment in Smart Energy Efficiency Projects in a Social Housing context” (Hybrid delivery: Paola Zerilli, University of York; Angelo Giordano, Alessandra Cassisi; CiviESCo; Juergen Ritzek, EEIP; Chiara Pocaterra, Apre)
  • “Smart governance: an investigation into participatory budgeting models” (Hybrid delivery: Sandra Treija, Uģis Bratuškins, Alisa Koroļova; Faculty of Architecture, Riga Technical University; Arnis Lektauers, Department of Modelling and Simulation, Faculty of Architecture, Riga Technical University)

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