Ontologies in Digital Twin

This workshop is co-organized by the Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA) and 6 EU-funded projects that develop a construction-phase digital-twin data model, and their ontological representation, capable of capturing all data requirements for the digital representation of building and/or infrastructure construction sites.

Participating projects: COGITO, BIM2TWIN, BIMprove, ASHVIN, SPHERE, and BIMERR.

Session Chair: Agnieszka Mikolajczyk, ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre


  • 00:00-00:05 Introduction
  • 00:05-00:20 Ontology-based digital twin platforms: the COGITO approach (Dr. Raúl García-Castro, UPM, COGITO)
  • 00:20-00:35 On-site follow-up – Supporting Data Model – Methodology & Inspirations (Jonas Schlenger, TUM, BIM2TWIN)
  • 00:35-00:50 Building Digital Twin Hub, The Digital Twin work-flow in practice (Wojciech Teclaw, SINTEF, BIMprove)
  • 00:50-01:05 Platology: A Digital Twin Ontology Suite for the Complete Lifecycle of Infrastructure (Rahul Tomar, DTT, ASHVIN)
  • 01:05-01:20 Q&A session
  • 01:20 – 1:30 Short Break
  • 01:30-01:45 SPHERE: Ontology Networks and Application Forms (Mathias Boundel, NEANEX, SPHERE)
  • 01:45-02:00 BIM4EEB: Digital Twin for energy buildings’ renovation based on new ontologies and linked data (prof. Bruno Daniotti: Politecnico di Milano)
  • 02:00-2:15 SPHERE + BIMERR: BDTA’s White Paper 3 Presentation of TOC and current progress (Maria Poveda, UPM, BIMERR)
  • 02:15-2:45 White Paper 3 discussion and Sister Project potential contributions/additions and Next Steps (Led by Maria Poveda and Pablo Vicente Legazpi)
  • 2:45 -03:00 Wrap up & conclusions
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