There will be six open access publications resultant from SP2018, five are special issues of peer-reviewed journals and the sixth is a collection of extended abstracts in the MDPI AG Proceedings Journal which is not peer-reviewed. All authors are therefore eligible to receive a DOI for their accepted contribution(s). Further details can be found on the SP2018: Proposals page or in the SP2018_FINAL-CfP_1st-June_Deadline

SP2018 Special Issues of Peer-Reviewed Journals 

  • Buildings (MDPI AG) “HEROES OF ZERO: Implementing the lessons learned from pilot programs towards achieving low-energy or no-waste in buildings, communities, and cities” (READ MORE)
  • Daylighting (Solarlits) “AGILE AESTHETICS: Innovative architectural excellence and advanced materials for achieving the optimal health, comfort, and performance of buildings in smart cities” (READ MORE)
  • Designs (MDPI AG) “ETHICAL STRATAGEM: Innovations in the Design and Planning of Smart Cities” (READ MORE)
  • Energy Sustainability and Society (Springer) “PROSUMER PARADIGM: Managing the global energy transition and market obstacles through improved stakeholder collaboration” (READ MORE)
  • Information Technologies and Control (DeGruyter) “CONCLUSION FUSION: Data-driven intelligence and multi-criteria decision support techniques” (READ MORE)

Submission Instructions for all SP2018 Publications

All “full paper” abstracts that have been accepted into the SP2018 congress will first be extended to 4 pages using the MDPI AG Proceedings Journal format no later than 1st August 2018. The general SP2018 timeline may be altered to adjust to publisher’s requirements, but if so the relevant authors shall be notified directly.

Then, after a first round of peer-review performed by the SP2018 technical committee consisting of individuals from R2M Solution, INES, and CEA Tech – selected papers will again be extended by invitation to become journal submissions (up to 8 pages excluding appendices) for one of the aforementioned five OPEN-ACCESS special journal issues using the appropriate template found in the journal link.

If your paper is rejected by the publisher or you opt-out of making major revisions if the publisher requires them, the previously-submitted 4-page version (AKA “Conference Paper”) shall be published in the MDPI AG Proceedings.

Some papers may be relevant to more than one of the journal scopes as described below (e.g. blockchain would be considered as a cross-cutting issue), and in that case a refereeing decision will be made by the SP2018 organizing committee, which may or may not include a consultation with the authors.

Each research paper will be taken through a comprehensive blind peer review process by an internationally recognized group of experts in the field that are members of the associated journal’s editorial board. Papers will be evaluated on metrics specific to the journal in question, but generally based on:

  • English quality/presentation clarity and novelty of the proposed solutions;
  • Relation and significance towards advancing the state of the art/play;
  • Scientific & technical excellence/stress-test of proposed business case;
  • Relevance to the issues of importance for each special issue publication.

All journal papers and abstracts published in the six open source publications will be compiled and sold in a printed format on for anyone interested in purchasing.

Any journal fees (article processing charges) for accepted papers, as well as the cost of publication in the MDPI AG Proceedings Journal shall be fully covered by the SP2018 organizing committee for accepted authors and their designated registrant.