SP2018 Workshops, Demos, Tutorials, Panels

A  1,2,3, or 4 hour session is designed to engage speakers and attendees in a productive interaction and to produce specific outcomes or demonstrate interactive results. Methodology, names of AT LEAST 3 chairs/attendees who will register, and expected outcomes should be highlighted in the abstract of the proposed contribution.

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Workshop title.
  • Proposers’ names, titles, affiliations, and primary contact email.
  • Topics that will be covered.
  • Background and experience that makes the proposers well suited for organizing the workshop.
  • Rough program outline (including preference for half- or full-day event, estimated numbers of orals, posters, and invited talks).
  • Names and bios of any invited speakers and indication of whether they have agreed to speak.
  • Anticipated target audience as well as expected number of attendees.
  • Description of relevance and viability.
  • Description of how this proposal relates to intended audience (be as specific as possible).
  • Any special space or equipment requests.