Contractors’ meeting on Smart Buildings

Contractors’ meeting on Smart Buildings

HELIOS – Sustainable Places 2018, 28 June 2018, Aix-Les-Bains, France

8.30 – 10.00 Upgrading building smartness – from perceived potential to management of upgraded buildings

Upgrading demand response capability in buildings and districts (30 mn)

  • Tracey Crosbie, Teesside University, (DR-BOB)
  • Ursula Eicker, HFT Stuttgart (SIM4BLOCKS)
  • Yannis Damousis, CERTH/ITI (InteGRIDy, eDREAM)

Discussion (15mn):

  • DR Technology Readiness levels  vs DR Organisational Readiness levels
  • IS DR more effective with blocks of buildings or energy communities?
  • Commercial vs. residential – which upgrade is easier?  

Building optimisation for improved energy performance (30 mn)

  • Roberta Pernetti, EURAC (4RinEU)
  • Emmanuel Onillon, CSEM (TABEDE)
  • Margarita Assimakopoulos (ZERO-PLUS)

Discussion (15 mn):

  • Connecting legacy systems: monitoring, control, device lifecycle
  • How does smartness increase energy performance?
  • Optimising different energy sources, processes and carriers
10.00 –10.30 COFFEE BREAK
10.30 –12.00 From innovation to markets: matching energy markets, technologies and consumers

Buildings and energy markets (30 mn)

  • Anne-Sophie Chamoy, EnergyPool
  • Bert Claessens, Restore NV (SIM4BLOCKS, RENNOVATES)
  • Mikel Fernandez, Tecnalia (FHP)

Discussion (15 mn)

  • Commercial buildings: low-hanging fruit?
  • Can buildings create value for electricity markets?
  • Load shifting or absorbing variable renewable electricity?

Consumers and new technologies, services and gains (30 mn):

  • Jo Southernwood, International Energy Research Centre (NOVICE)
  • Petr Stluka, Honeywell (HOLISDER)
  • Tasos Tsitsanis, Hypertech (HOLISDER, MOEEBIUS)

Discussion (15 mn):

  • Can a market develop without interoperability?
  • Are consumers ready for smart appliances?
  • What innovative energy services can smart buildings offer?
12.00 – 14.00 LUNCH – poster session
14.00 – 15.30 H2020 project management


  • GDPR and implications for H2020 projects
  • Lessons learned from audits on H2020 projects
  • Impact monitoring

Communication and dissemination Q&A session

15.30 – 16.00 COFFEE BREAK (end of the contractors meeting)

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