"Districts of Tomorrow" paper session

11:00 – 12:30, 29th September 2021, hybrid

  • “The impact of e-mobility in Positive Energy Districts” (Hybrid delivery: Tony Castillo-Calzadilla, University of Deusto) – PDF
  • “The Positive Energy District ATELIER project, 2 years of intense experience” (Virtual delivery: Rudy A. Rooth, Municipality of Amsterdam; Mark van Wees, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) – PDF
  • Towards positive energy districts in smart cities: A data-driven approach using aggregation and disaggregation of energy balance calculations” (Virtual delivery: Selma Causevic, George Huitema; TNO) – PDF
  • “Online EnergyMatching Platform to support the Renewable Energy Sources harvesting in buildings and districts” (Hybrid delivery: Jennifer Adami, Eurac Research) – PDF
  • “Direct current microgrid to enhance sustainable local energy generation and storage in a Finnish residential district – Tigon project” (Hybrid delivery: Alessandra Cuneo, RINA Consulting) – PDF

Video recording

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