Efficiency Retrofit Project For 5,000 Public Housing Units Kicks Off In Hawaii

The project will replace all incandescent lighting with LEDs, install high-efficiency shower and faucet fixtures, and  put in protective and energy-saving Advanced Power Strips. HPHA is publicly owned housing for lower-income and transitional members of our community. Some HPHA residents pay their own utilities fully and others receive partial assistance, so the project is expected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for low-income people as well as reducing subsidies from the state and the federal government used to pay for utilities in these homes. As Hawaii’s power grid is largely powered by industrial diesel generators, it will also reduce the amount of oil flowing into the state significantly. At the time of this writing, we’ve completed work in about 300 of the 5000 homes. Look for an update when we get a few more months in, with calculated estimates of the oil, CO2, and $ that our work will be saving on an annual basis. Source: CleanTechnica, full article HERE.

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