"Renovation" Paper Session

Day 2 | Wednesday 28th October | 11.00 - 13.00

  • “Assessing the impact of building renovation actions at the local scale: the Build Upon2 multilevel framework” Valentina Marino, GBC Italia (PDF)
  • “BIM4LEED: A Methodology for the digitalisation of the residential building renovation process through an IDDS ready workflows” Mohamed Elagiry, R2M Solution (PDF)
  • Digitalization and technologies to reduce the energy performance gap theme: Assessing residential buildings compliance with sustainability rating systems through a BIM-based approach” Valentina Marino, GBC Italia; Giacomo Bergonzoni, Open Project
  • “An analytic approach for the identification of technologies to be integrated in façade prefabricated unit: The case study of renoZEB plug & play solution” Laura Vandi, Focci (PDF)
Chair of the session: Rachel Desmaris, R2M

Video Recording:

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