STREAMER: A look at the partners within the project consortium

STREAMER: A look at the partners within the project consortium

The STREAMER consists of 19 partners: 12 industrial partners (7 large companies + 5 SMEs + 1 non-profit private hospital), 4 research organisations, and 3 public bodies (hospital institutions). The STREAMER consortium is driven by the majority of industry partners and clients/users under the coordination of the research institutes with extensive experience and high reputation in managing large-scale EU research projects. This is the best possible composition of a research consortium than can guarantee the most effective practical impact (industry) through the most efficient collaborative effort (research).

The STREAMER consortium is multidisciplinary with partners that have solid track records in implementing a broad range of technologies and services in all fields and types of energy-effcient buildings (EeB), including sustainable healthcare buildings and districts.

The consortium parners come from 7 different European countries fully eligible for participating in the EP7: The Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden and UK. All 5 regions of Europe with their climate-related, regional and cultural characteristics are addressed.This means that the state-of-the-art knowledge across Europe is well covered, and more importantly, the project results will be relevant for generalisation and application in all Europe regions. Details are HERE.

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