New Google Rooftop Solar Tool Says 80% Of US Roofs Are Suitable For Solar Panels

Google has updated its Project Sunroof to include 3-D models of every rooftop in all 50 states. The new software takes into consideration the trees on your property, how much sun or shade hits your rooftop, and figured in the prevailing weather in your area. Then it takes all that data and builds a computer model that tells people how much electricity a rooftop solar system could if the homeowner decides to acquire one.

The new software program has determined that 80% of all US rooftops are “technically viable ” for rooftop solar. Some locations are more “viable” than others, of course. Houston, Texas is judged to be the best American city for rooftop solar power. Project Sunroof says that city could generate up to 18,940 gigawatt-hours of solar electricity each year. One gigawatt-hour is enough to power 90 ordinary homes.

Project Sunroof lets you search for your house, suggests how large a solar array you might consider putting on your roof, and estimates how much energy it will generate. It also estimates how much it would cost you to lease or buy the panels. Source: Solarlove, full article HERE.

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