No European Country Stands Ready For Smart Buildings Transition

No Member State of the European Union stands ready to transition to developing smart buildings, and take advantage of the benefits such a transition would afford, says a new report from the Buildings Performance Institute Europe.

According to the new report from the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), published this week, after assessing numerous factors across the EU, including dynamic operability, energy-system responsiveness, renewable energy uptake, and dynamic and self-learning control systems, no Member State within the European Union is fully prepared “to take advantage of the benefits that smart building technologies will entail.”

The BPIE defines ‘smart buildings’ as “flexibly connected and interacting with the energy system, being able to produce, store and/or consume energy efficiently.” The authors of the report note that, if “the European building stock” is to contribute significantly to achieving the global climate target following the Paris Agreement, “the built environment must undergo a deep transformation and become both smart and efficient.”

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