Renewable generation assets – are utilities managing?

New white paper highlights how energy companies can streamline grid assets investment. The shift away from centralised power generation to distributed energy resources raises new complexity for utilities and independent power producers. One facet of this transformation is that utilities are less likely to undertake as many capital-intensive large-scale generation projects. But one factor that has been less considered is how utilities are managing a rise in overall generation assets. A new report from US market research company IDC Energy Insights states that “dozens if not hundreds of assets (usually renewables) will displace large centralised power generation assets that deliver hundreds of megawatts (MW) from a single generation asset. “This drives the need for investors to manage 10–30 times the number of energy investment lifecycle management projects in their portfolio.” The white paper titled ‘Investment Lifecycle Management: The Power Producer Digitization Imperative’ gives an example of the assets of one electric utility company. The CFO stated his group went from processing 15–20 investment assets a year, generating 250MW capacity, to 60–70 assets a year, generating 300MW capacity. Full article HERE.

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