SP2017 WS N°2: MAS2TERING organizes DCAI’17 session

SP2017 WS N°2: MAS2TERING organizes DCAI’17 session

as part of the 14th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence (DCAI’17) a smart grid clustering workshop is being co-organized by participants of Fuse-it and MAS2TERING projects. 

This special session is motivated by the need for Europe to transition its energy markets into smart energy systems that support bi-directional flows of revenue, energy and information, the increased penetration of distributed energy resources (DER), and the self-consumption of on-site generation. Under this vision, the integration of energy, ICT services (monitoring, analysis, planning and adaptation) and security (growing exposure to cyber attacks) is at the heart of smart energy management systems, which will result in new dynamic interplay between the demand-side (intelligent buildings) and the supply side (smart grid).

In this context intelligent buildings have to tackle the challenges of smarter energy management, enhanced automation and connectivity. Facing environmental policies and cost-reduction objectives, building managers are asking for adequate solutions to predict, monitor, control, command, and optimize energy consumption, in the context of all the energy transactions and service provision opportunities. The trend toward smart building is enabled by the growing integration of Information Technology and Operational Technology. An unwanted consequence of this is the growing exposure to cyber-attacks.

AI is expected to play a key role in this new relationship between the smart buildings and the smart grid. This special session, therefore, aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse areas of AI, distributed computing, intelligent decision making, smart management, communication and cybersecurity to explore new applications of AI techniques in the fields of the smart building and the smart grid. 

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