Third-party sustainability standards can advance SDG progress for business

The WWF report, released earlier this week, illustrates how multi-stakeholder standards can help companies to reach their targets by scaling-up sustainability practices across their supply chain. Standards provide concrete measures which can move whole industries towards environmental advance and financial profit.  WWF also warns that the 2030 SDG agenda will fail without the commitment of large and small businesses across the world. “This report provides a valuable overview of the role and impact that credible standards are already having on all sustainability dimensions: economic, social and environmental,” WWF International’s director of global conservation Richard Holland said. “Multi-stakeholder standards embody the partnership spirit of the SDGs, bringing together businesses, NGOs, governments and others to work toward common goals that benefit business, people and the planet. It will take an unprecedented effort by the world community to meet the SDGs in the coming 13 years. The clock is ticking.” Full article HERE.

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