“IEQ Monitoring” session

  • “Assessing the energy efficiency & embodied energy of insulation materials in the UK” – Monjur Mourshed, Cardiff University PDF
  • “New advanced aerogel-based insulation products for buildings” – Timea Béjat, Etienne Wurtz; CEA INES (Wall-ACE) PDF
  • “An energy efficient ventilated façade retrofitting system. Presentation of the embedded energy storage system” – Paul Bonnamy, Nobatek/INEF4 (E2Vent)
  • “Cooling energy demand forecasting for dwellings in hot-arid climate: A monitoring study” – Monjur Mourshed, Fanlin Meng, Kui Weng, Balsam Shallal; Cardiff University

“LCA & Heat Transfer” session

  • “Optimization of district heating production operations” – Gabriela Naves Maschietto, Veolia Research (E2District)
  • “Analysis of Heat Transfer for BIPV/Thermal Models” – Anthony Rey, Efstratios D. Rounis, and Andreas K. Athienitis; Concordia University PDF
  • “Creation of a technical, economic and social diagnostic tool for condominium renovations” – Théo Henriel, INSA Toulouse
  • “Impact of heat pumps flexibility in a French residential eco-district” – Benoit Delinchant, University of Grenoble Alpes – CNRS PDF

“Demand Response Strategies” session

  • “Algorithms and Optimization Strategies for Building Energy Management & Demand Response” – Fanlin Meng, Cardiff University PDF
  • “Demand Response: Provision of Frequency Containment Reserve through the adequate pooling of distributed loads” – Edouard Perroy, Pierre Guillain; Energy Pool
  • “Smart energy management for unlocking demand response in residential applications” – Xiangping Chen, Fanlin Meng, Monjur Mourshed; Cardiff University PDF
  • “Towards Integrating Behaviour Demand Response into Simulation Based Heat Production Optimisation” – Christian Beder, Martin Klepal; Cork Institute of Technology”

“Human Comfort vs. Energy Performance” session

  • “A hybrid simulation and optimization based approach to optimal window opening considering thermal comforts in buildings” – Monjur Mourshed, Balsam Shallal; Cardiff University PDF
  • “Simulation model to evaluate human comfort factors for an office in a building” – R.T. Durai Prabhakaran, Bangor University
  • “Assessment of Electrochromic glazing impact on Occupants Thermal Comfort and Building Energy Performance” – Eloise Sok, Sage Glass – Saint Gobain
  • “A sub-zonal PMV-based HVAC and façade control system for curtain wall buildings” – Marco Arnesano, Università Politecnica delle Marche” PDF

“Demand Response for Blocks of Buildings” session

  • “Demand response potential of zero energy blocks of buildings: Modeling and testing results from a case study in Germany” – Ursula Eicker, Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences PDF
  • “Demand response in a group of buildings based on Artificial Neural Network power predictions and Genetic Algorithm optimization” – Nikolaos Kampelis, Technical University of Crete  PDF
  • “Organisational Readiness for demand response in blocks of buildings” – Tracey Crosbie, Sergio Rodrigues; Teesside University, Sylvia B., Duneworks (DR-BoB)
  • “Towards an infrastructure to collect data and implement load shedding scenarios with BIM” – Alain Anfosso, CSTB (DR-BoB)

“Smart Grid Design & Deployment” session

  • “Design of independent renewable energy microgrids using linear programming” – Juan Manuel Espeche, R2M Solution
  • “Energy Management Systems in smart electrical & thermal grids: two case studies” – Giorgio Manganini, Marcello Torchio; United Technologies Research Centre (ELSA, E2District) PDF
  • “Inverter for photovoltaic generator tied to the electrical grid” – Anthony Bier, INES (PV-SITES) PDF
  • “Monetary value of a district’s flexibility on the spot and reserve market” – Benjamin Rohrbach, Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts

“Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy” session

  • “Market potential for Holistic Innovative Solutions for Recycling of Raw Materials from C&DW” – Dawid Krysiński, ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre (HISER)
  • “Low carbon technologies for the built environment redevelopment” – Federico Orsini, Paola Marrone; University of Rome
  • “Generating models for model predictive control in Buildings” – Clément Fauvel, Suzanne Lesecq; CEA, Susan Rea, CIT (TOPAs) PDF
  • “Connecting the know-how of design, production and construction professionals through Mixed Reality” – Rizal Sebastian, Demo Consultants (INSITER) PDF

“Retrofit, Renovation, & Refurbishment” session

  • “Plug-and-Play solutions for energy-efficiency & deep renovation of European building stock” Rizal Sebastian, DEMO Consultants (P2ENDURE) PDF
  • “Sustainable business models for the deep renovation of buildings” – Karine Laffont-Eloire, DOWEL Management (STUNNING)
  • “Planning city refurbishment: a study at district scale with the CROCUS tool developed in the SINFONIA project” – Karine Laffont-Eloire, DOWEL Management (SINFONIA)
  • “Cost-effective enhanced geothermal systems for energy efficient building retrofitting” – Thomas Messervey, R2M Solution (GEOFIT) PDF
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