How smart city technology is connecting Europeans

How smart city technology is connecting Europeans

Urban sprawl is the reality for two out of three people living in Europe. This edition of Real Economy comes from the Spanish city of Valencia. As we move to urban economic powerhouses for jobs and opportunities we also have to deal with critical issues like economic hardships, such as housing, transport and pollution. And that is really forcing cities to start thinking of how to become smart cities.

Crash course: smart city

Everyday we connect life’s dots, to wake up, go to work, socialise and sleep. Smart cities connect the dots as well. Between humans, society, information and communication technology. Connections that know when your next bus to work will arrive, and is capable of controlling the traffic to decrease congestion. Finding you a parking space. Around 80 percent of Europe’s energy is used by us as city dwellers, but we contribute around 85 percent of the continent’s GDP. Now as the world’s urban population is set to double by 2050, it might be a good idea for us to understand what a smart city is. Full article and video from Euronews available HERE.

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