SP2017 WS N°1: STREAMER Implementers Community

The Implementers Community of the STREAMER project in conjunction with the real demonstration projects will serve as examples of energy-efficient healthcare districts, addressing both new developments and retrofitting cases. Several demonstrator workshops are planned for 2017, if you would like to know how to make use of STREAMER tools and to collaborate with researchers, practitioners and policy-makers during activities that are planned in workshops, you should join the Implementers Community immediately. You can be the first to test new tools, methods and give your feedback to  developers who made them.

STREAMER is an industry-driven collaborative research project on Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) with cases of mixed-use healthcare districts that aims to reduce the energy use and carbon emission of new and retrofitted buildings in healthcare districts in the EU by 50% in the next 10 years. Such districts are the best real examples of neighbourhood with integrated energy system consisting of mixed building types (i.e. hospitals and clinics; offices and retails; laboratories and educational buildings; temporary care homes; rehabilitation and sport facilities).

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